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It has been a year since Dean Winchester lost his brother Sam. He dropped himself into the pits of hell. After that Dean decide to find Lisa and Ben. Since finding them they all began living together having a normal apple pie life just as Dean promised Sam he would. But it hasn’t been an easy road at all. It took Dean awhile to get over the fact that Sam would not be coming back. After a while they had moved somewhere that Lisa thought would help Dean get over the loss of Sam; New place, new start. They moved to a town that seemed peaceful enough since it didn’t have that many strange cases. Something Dean made sure of. Question was, how long it would stay that way?

Over the last year, there had been cases of people around the world getting killed and kidnapped. The strange part was that there was a lot found with bite marks and some even had the blood drained from their bodies. Which had been strange for a vampire. Seeing how they like it straight from the tap most of the time. It didn’t take long for this case to slowly but surely find its way to the town Dean had been living in called “SunnyVale”. When he heard about some of these cases he couldn’t help but take precaution and worry. Which made Dean begin to slowly hunt and check through the town. He desperately needed to find a lead. Dean would have never of guessed that the one responsible was in fact Sam, coming back to life not long after he was sent packing. Only problem was not all of Sam was there. He came back with no soul along with a consuming, growing thirst. Sam having to drink all that blood to take down the devil, brought back his need for demon blood. Over the last year, Sam had still been hunting but this time he was stronger than before from drinking demon blood. Although that meant he was getting more addicted than ever, letting it slowly take him over.

Meanwhile, after Buffy ended the war. There were Slayers being activated, being found all around the world. These Slayers were being sent to a special school. There they would learn to harness their skills and strengths, as well as learning about the supernatural. Schools found in places like Scotland, London, Chicago, Cleveland, New York, and Rome. Which is currently Buffy’s place of residence, along with Willow, Xander Giles, and Dawn. They had found a lot of Slayers in the last year. Help they would need for what was coming.

Buffy got word of Sunnyvale where a lot of strange things had been happing. It caught her attention sounding a lot like Sunnydale. It couldn’t have been just coincidence. She knew it would be something she would have to check into. Which was why she made her way there with the gang and a few potential Slayers.

Angel investigations even got word and also thought they should check into it knowing they could really help out and do some good. They had been out of work for a bit after the events in L.A., so they were ready to get back into the game and help Buffy out. Plus it may just be the perfect place for the new office.

In a town nearby called Mystic Falls, home to not just vampires and werewolves, but also to Elena Gilbert. Elena is a doppelganger that Klaus wants nothing more than to get his hands on. With her he can make hybrids, a mixture between vampires and werewolves. But he isn’t the only one that wants her blood. Sam Winchester is about to find out that it could make him stronger than ever before, stretching his powers in ways he never though he could. That is unless he is stopped!
Nightmare Event
Staff - 4
Plot Purposes - 1
Slayers - 2
Watchers - 1
Hunters- 4
Witches - 2
Warlocks - 1
Vampires - 7
Original Vampires - 0
Werewolf's - 6
Shape-Shifters - 0
Humans - 12
Angels - 1
Demons - 1
Prophets/Seers - 1
SPN - 9
BTVS - 5
Angel - 3
TVD - 10
Canons - 27
Originals - 15
Males - 19
Females - 22
Totals - 44
  1. Buffy Summers
  2. Xander Harris
  3. Castiel
  4. Danial "OZ" Osborne
  5. Connor
  6. Fred Burkle
  7. Charles Gunn
  8. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
  9. Ellen Harvelle
  10. Anya
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Thanks so much guys, the site had a great Run. Any old members can still log in and give me there email. In the future I may make a whole new board. So if you are interested in being part of that please let me know and I will contact you.
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